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While employee wellbeing initiatives have long influenced company culture, their prominence as a driving force behind a company’s total benefits package continues to evolve. With new vendors saturating the market, employers of all sizes have a wealth of support at their fingertips and also newfound responsibilities as they strive to take better care of their people. This report reveals the different ways companies are strategically approaching and implementing employee wellbeing programming with particular focus on the areas of physical, emotional, financial, and family wellbeing.

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Programming Strategy & Admin

While a majority of companies are committed to investing in employee wellbeing, formalized programs with standardized components still are not widely implemented. That said, looking forward most companies are planning to expand their existing programs. Given that most companies do not have formal programs in place, a small proportion have an employee dedicated to wellbeing and most ask an employee to focus on wellbeing in addition to other responsibilities.

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Role Types
Future Strategy

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Program Structure

Most companies have wellbeing programming covering mental/emotional & behavioral support and physical health. We see employee happiness and improving retention as the core priorities when it comes to employees’ wellbeing. Given that most companies do not have formal programs in place, the majority also do not have a formal wellbeing budget, and instead will often pull from other funds/budgets, as necessary.

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Global Program
Program Areas
Program Components

Physical Wellbeing

 Employees’ physical health remains a top priority for many, and companies may provide employees with a physical wellness stipend for them to use on gym memberships, group fitness classes, personal training, and more. Medical carriers often provide wellness resources for most companies to use.

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Wellness Stipends
Stipend Amount
Approved Expenses
Stipend Management
Wellness Resources
Wellness Fund

Emotional Wellbeing

Taking care of employees’ mental/emotional wellbeing is still a priority. Many companies have Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) in place, in addition to meditation apps and wellbeing workshops, to support their workforce. Implementing these programs can help companies to address the risk of burnout and employee happiness – some of their top concerns for employees.

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Program Options
Formal Plans
Top Employee Concerns

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Financial Wellbeing

As employees look for more custom support to handle their personal finances and prepare for life events, employers are becoming more aware of the stressors surrounding financial wellbeing. Companies continue to invest in financial wellness initiatives in a variety of ways, including support for continued education.

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Financial Benefits
Financial Education
Continued Education
Continued Education Amount
Top Employee Concerns

Family Wellbeing

With many still working remotely, juggling work and at-home responsibilities is still ongoing for much of the workforce. Companies continue to enhance their programming by providing family support to their workforce, most commonly in the form of providing virtual care/telemedicine.

Culture & Amenities

An array of remote work offerings and now commonplace, with companies often providing employees flexible work options and replicating onsite offerings virtually. That said, many are still working onsite too, and we still see a wide variety of offerings for those not working remotely.

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Remote Offerings
Onsite Offerings
Pets at Work
Pets Criteria


Insights from this report represent data collected from Sequoia’s 2022 Dataforest Wellbeing survey, and anonymized information and trends from our database. Dataforest is refreshed periodically with updates from new survey submissions.

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Participants by Headquarters
Participants by Industry

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