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Healthcare Benefits

In a world changed by a global pandemic, it’s more important than ever for companies to take care of their employees with comprehensive health benefits. Year after year, people-driven companies of all sizes continue to offer a full range of healthcare and welfare benefits to their employees. In this report, we dive deep into the topics and metrics that are driving the conversation.

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Companies are continuing to bear the vast majority of the cost of healthcare, especially for employee-only coverage. Contribution levels vary by plan type and company size, but HDHPs with HSAs are consistently covered at 100% for employees, likely due to the associated employer savings when employees choose these plans. 

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Employee + Family

Plan Design

Properly designing medical, dental, and vision plans can be complex. Depending on the plan type, companies opt for different amounts for deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket maximums. Our data has revealed the most popular ways companies are designing their plans. Explore the most common plan designs for medical, dental, and vision below.

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Other HMOs


As companies grow to over 500 employees, we start to see a shift towards self funding of healthcare and income protection benefit programs. Why do some companies make the switch from fully insured programs? Many report that it’s due to financial savings and flexibility. 

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By Company Size

Specialized Care Benefits

Offering additional benefit provisions and programs has become increasingly important for companies to attract and retain talent. While a majority of all companies offer telemedecine and chiropractic coverage, large companies are much more likely to offer specialized acupuncture, Transgender-inclusive, and advanced fertility benefits. 

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Benefits Offered
By Company Size
Over Time

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