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More than ever, health and safety continues to remain a priority for U.S. companies of all sizes that have employees visiting or on assignment in other countries. This report provides insights into how these companies handle benefits coverage and protection for expatriates and global business travelers. While this report focuses on Third-Country National (TCN), Business Travel Medical (BTM), and Business Travel Accident (BTA) plans, see our Global Benefits Report to dive deeper into how companies are strategically building global operations to support local in-country workforces.

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When an employee goes on assignment outside of their home country, Expatriate/Expat or Third-Country National (TCN) medical coverage is a convenient solution for providing benefits that cover the employee and their dependents, regardless of where they are living or working. Because expatriate medical insurance tends to be significantly more expensive than typical plans offered locally, some companies make it a policy for international assignees to be placed on local country benefits from the beginning of the assignment. Other employers use a mixture of expat medical and local insurance to provide cover, often depending on the length of the assignment.

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Non-U.S. Expats
U.S. Expats
Benefits Approach

BTM Plans

Despite the pandemic, business travel remains commonplace as companies continue to grow their operations both at home and abroad. More than half of companies confirmed that they have exposure for international business travel. Half of those companies provide Business Travel Medical (BTM) insurance, making it more popular than Business Travel Accident (BTA) coverage. 

The two pillars of coverage within business travel plans – emergency medical and accidental death and disability (AD&D) – have varying benefit levels.

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BTM Plans
Medical Max

BTA Plans

Business Travel Accident (BTA) plans offer several other areas of coverage beyond accidental death and disability (AD&D). Common benefits included in BTA plans are coverage for medical emergencies, lost, damaged, or stolen property, kidnap
and ransom situations, assistance services, and other benefits related to accidental injury. Medical evacuation and repatriation are critical components of both BTA and BTM plans, but a large majority of BTA plans offer this coverage.

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AD&D Amount
Max Medical Rider
Evac & Repatriation
Evac & Repatriation Limit


Insights from this report represent data collected from Sequoia’s 2022 Dataforest DEI survey, and anonymized information and trends from our database. Dataforest is refreshed periodically with updates from new survey submissions.

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