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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

For many organizations that aspire to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, progress has been slow. As companies of all sizes deal with the global pandemic and stand in solidarity against discrimination, oppression, and violence against BIPOC communities, many of them are reexamining their approach to workplace culture. On top of these issues, pay equity and the lack of women in corporate leadership roles has taken center stage. While most companies surveyed claim to have some sort of DEI program at their company, this report dives deeper into how those companies are approaching DEI programming, measurement, staffing, and more.

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DEI Budget

Although a majority of companies report that they have no set budget allocated to DEI programs, the budgets become more pronounced as headcount increase. Larger companies report significantly higher budgets for DEI, as do tech companies.

DEI Strategy

Most companies are tackling diversity and equity issues through training, outreach, and targeted recruiting. The larger a company gets, the more likely they are to enact measures to address gender salary gaps.

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Diversity Tactics
Equity Tactics
Addressing Gaps

DEI Program

Though many companies are prioritizing DEI initiatives by bringing in outside specialists and setting internal recruiting goals, most indicate that they do not extend diversity goals to suppliers or share diversity metrics publicly.

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Program Makeup

DEI Staffing & Ownership

Recent events and a broader social awareness have brought more attention to the importance of DEI in the workplace, leading to a steady increase in companies adding dedicated DEI positions to formally own the programs.

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Program Execution


Insights from this report represent data collected from Sequoia’s 2022 Dataforest DEI survey, and anonymized information and trends from our database. Dataforest is refreshed periodically with updates from new survey submissions.

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