About Dataforest

Dataforest by Sequoia is an interactive resource for total rewards benchmarking. It provides business leaders with a path to discovery and self-service insights about how a wide range of companies are investing in their people to achieve strategic business outcomes.

See the forest and the trees

Dataforest is a growing, living, expanding resource that helps businesses identify best practices, measure how their people programs stack up, identify gaps in their employee experience, and ultimately shape their total people investment strategy.

As an extension and reimagining of Sequoia’s annual Employee Experience Benchmarking Report and Pulse Surveys, Dataforest is an interactive experience that equally exposes big-picture trends and deep-diving details to bring rich people insights to the surface.


We rely on our invested community of clients and forward-thinking business leaders to contribute their company data and bring continuous energy to this proliferating resource. Through survey participation, our community helps ensure that Dataforest remains timely, relevant, and on the leading edge of trends in total rewards management and overall people investment strategies.

Data Sources & Methodology

Frequently Asked Questions

Dataforest was designed to share total people investment insights and workplace trends with business leaders and information seekers everywhere.

How is the data collected?

Dataforest insights and reports represent data collected from Sequoia’s Employee Experience Surveys (2017 – 2021), anonymized information and trends from our database, and Dataforest surveys. Dataforest is refreshed periodically with updates from new survey submissions.

How often is the data refreshed?

The Dataforest has two types of insights and reports:

Evergreen Reports
These reports are refreshed on a quarterly basis with data collected from our always-on surveys and the Sequoia database. Our evergreen reports include Compensation, Healthcare, Retirement, Wellbeing, Global, and DEI.

Pulse Reports
These reports are time bound with defined data-collection periods to get the pulse on timely topics. The data-collection period for each pulse report is covered in a Methodology section at the bottom of the report page.

How many companies participate in your surveys?

Dataforest surveys maintain a minimum participation standard of two hundred companies but can often grow to include thousands of companies.

What size are the companies listed as Small, Medium, and Large?

Sequoia asks all survey participants to identify their company into one of the following ranges based on employee headcount:

  • Small: 1-100 employees
  • Medium: 101-500 employees
  • Large: 500+ employees

Why do some visualizations show a gap in year-over-year comparisons?

It may be that a survey was not released in the “gap” year, or that the question wasn’t asked in the survey for that year.

Who is the team behind Dataforest?

Sequoia has a rich history of using benchmarking to help companies make a wide range of decisions that impact their people strategies. As the next generation of our annual Employee Experience Benchmarking Report, Dataforest represents the future of the benchmarking program at Sequoia.

Thank you to the many teams at Sequoia for bringing Dataforest to life:

  • Total Rewards Advisory
  • Industry Consultants & Experts
  • Market Analysts
  • BI & Analytics
  • Benchmarking Program Management
  • Brand Experience

Can I partner with Sequoia to produce surveys and reports?

Dataforest was built to grow. If you have a compelling topic or use case for a Dataforest report, we welcome your ideas and collaboration. We partner with national and local news organizations, industry analysts, category-leading brands, and research groups. Contact us at [email protected] for next steps.

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